How Technology influences Art - a research group at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts - Zuyd
Technology Driven Art
ZUYD Hogeschool
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Technology Driven Art

Recycled Materials Design

The research group introduced small scale technologies to recycle both soft and hard materials into new design or art pieces.
Everything is immediately made available to students within the workshop. This generates a low key, accessible knowledge within the community of young artists and designers.

Anke Bos focusses on the generation of new textiles (soft materials), such as
* a new kind of wool made from dogs hair,
* all kinds of recycled fibres
* recycling combinations of tissues by means of dry felting

Eric Steenman focusses on his research on new hard materials, such as
* the recycling of all kinds of plastics by melting them into new sheet materials.
* recyclable silicons to be used in molds