How Technology influences Art - a Professorship at the Faculty of Arts Zuyd
Both research centres within the Faculty of the Arts (Technology Driven Art and Autonomy and the Public Sphere in the Arts) have taken the initiative of organising a contest for the best thesis or documentation of work: SCRIPTIEKUNST.ORG. You can discover the winners of the Scriptieprijs 2017 over there!
The aim is to stimulate an original and inspiring approach to theses within the Faculty of Arts of Zuyd. The contest is aimed at all bachelor- and master art students.

at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. Opening night: April 16, 2016!
This opera and video libretto is the basis of a practice based REsearch into the influence of a video based libretto in an opera.
After working for a year (2012-2013) on the video libretto for this new opera by the Austran composer Bernhard Lang, we're now directing the world première in Mannheim.
It is a high tech opera, with 11 projectors driven by 5 minMac's. I use the Troikatronix Isadora software to drive them all wirelessly. Students from the Performance department at the Toneelacademie Maastricht learned on the job how to cope with the technological and artistic problems of such a huge project. Especially to mention are Kaz Schonebeek (my assistant) and Casper Wortman - my video assistant, who co-created a lot of the Ultra high definition video material of the show.
The content of DER GOLEM is on one hand the mystic side of life we tend to ignore, and the technological side of life we tend to embrace.

The world creation at the huge stage of Nationaltheater Mannheim got a lot of very positive reviews!… A super review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine (19/04 - 'Man sieht, was konsequente Theater Arbeit zu leisten vermag') and an even better one in the Wiener Zeitung (20/04 - 'Eine Fantastische Reise ins Unterbewusste'). Somehow I'd like to share this one and another one :-)
Although it was quite an exhausting job (combining direction, stage design, video and light), It has been an honour and a privilege to make this opera at one of the largest stages in Europe.
Special thanks to Bernhard Lang and Klaus-Peter Kehr for the confidence.
For me it's important to make my work as an artist, an active part of my artistic research within Technology Driven Art. How does a silent movie as an opera libretto, influence the final composition?
An overview of the press reviews can be found here.

You can watch the video libretto here online. It has no sound, it screams for sound or music: that's why it's proven to be a quite effective opera libretto…

Der Golem. A video libretto by Peter Missotten for a new opera by Bernhard Lang at the Nationaltheater Mannheim 2016. from Peter Missotten on Vimeo.

* A few new
video installations for the Mozartsommer Festival in Mannheim and Schwetzingen.
Based on the aria 'Basta Vincent' by Mozart, written during his short stay in Mannheim, Peter Missotten conceived two twin video installations in collaboration with Peter van Til.
In the foyer of the Nationaltheater Mannheim….
StallaertComposit 9

And as I promised my dog Perro a career in the movies,
I made a small video installation,
called 'Und das Warten'….

It's pretty weird and funny to see that a huge Private Company commercialises it's robots, by pointing out it's human weaknesses… It stumbles like a human, it falls like a human and it get's up it's feet like human… Maybe some artist should make a stations of the cross, by a robot… could turn out to be the ultimate selling proposition.

On an even more romantic note, replacing fireworks by drones is a nice project. Not sure it's a lot safer: what comes up, must come down.

But then again, there is this

Both Ruth Benschop and Peter Missotten made their inaugural speech on nov. 6 2015 in Maastricht. On this occasion, they publicised a beautiful book, uniting both texts - back to back. If you would like to receive this book - a true collectors item - please contact us!
For the treehuggers and digilovers, both texts can be read online (both in Dutch only for the moment):
Ruth Benschop - De Eland is een eigenwijs dier.
Peter Missotten - Als de Golem danst met de Engelen

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others call for research to avoid dangers of artificial intelligence
Hundreds of scientists and technologists have signed an open letter calling for research into the problems of artificial intelligence in an attempt to combat the dangers of the technology.
Signatories to the letter created by the Future of Life Institute including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, who has warned that AI could be the end of humanity.

Stephen Hawking:
'Transcendence looks at the implications of artificial intelligence -
but are we taking AI seriously enough?'