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Technology Driven Art
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Technology Driven Art

Dinsdag 14 maart 2023, 18h00 at Herdenkingsplein MaIA Maastricht
Johannes Langkamp
Johannes Langkamp (1985) is a new media artist based in Rotterdam. Originally from Germany, he studied fine arts at the Academy for Art and Industry ArtEZ in Enschede, but also in London and Wellington.
Langkamp’s work is formed by wonder. He often looks into the interplay between process and outcome, and makes this research processes visible by using videos, photographic techniques, kinetic models and spatial installations.

Johannes Langkamp the playfull researcher…
His work is constant searching for ways to question our viewing habits and by doing this, broaden our vision on reality itself.
The result is a straightforward observation presenting an unusual take on reality, giving the audience a taste of Langkamp's manner of seeing. Spatial limitations are placed in another perspective. Location specific elements are exaggerated. It shows a maker with the playful look of a researcher.
Museum Voorlinden
Lakeside Art Collection (Private compartment in Depot Boijmans van Beuningen Museum)