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Technology Driven Art
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Technology Driven Art


a legacy research project into the use of big data sets as the inspiration for interactive media installation design
A close collaboration with students from the Media Academy Maastricht (MAMDT)
by Rob Delsing and Tom Luyten 2018-2021

In 2018-19, this resulted in a first paper with an overview of Interactive Installations made by small groups of collaborating students.

Nomade - an Interactive Media Installation

a legacy research project by Rob Delsing (CMD) 2016-17
Rob Delsing created an interactive media installation, using the natural gestures of the visitors/viewers as input. Two 3D characters seem to float freely in the water. A Microsoft kinect camera tracks the movements of the viewers, resulting in the 3D characters almost mimicking the movements of the viewers. That proved to be even more tricky than predicted.
Parts of this research into natural free interaction fro media installation in a museum context, has been done in close collaboration with students of CMD.