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Technology Driven Art
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Technology Driven Art

Smartphone Orchestra

a legacy research project by René Pisters (Music Education) 2014-15
It was actually the first project of the research group Technology Driven Art….

for a more detailed look into this project,
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Most youngsters carry a smartphone with musical capabilities far outstretching these of a full fledged synthesizer of a few years ago. What if we encouraged them to use these nifty machines as a musical instrument in it's own right?
René Pisters conducted a research project into the (quite vast) world of free musical software for smartphones (both iOs and Android based). Of course, the button-free tactile interface of most of the smartphones make them quite different from most conventional instruments. What kind of music can be produced? How can we integrate these instruments in the regular educational system?
His findings can be found at the website of this fascinating research project: (Dutch)