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Technology Driven Art
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Technology Driven Art

Intermedial opera

Intermediality is at the core of the artistic strategy of the research group Technology Driven Art. Intermediality infects established media with artistic strategies from the media. The results in an intermedium: a place where new artistic possibilities can be explored.
As an established opera director and stage designer, head of research Peter Missotten is an expert on infecting the stage with digital media.
This expertise is used in a new approach in teaching opera singers, composers, directors and designers.
In 2021, he wrote an online report on how to rejuvenate opera teaching.
The result can be found her:
EOALAB report 2021

'A Revue' by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe © 2020 Fred Debrock

Opera as an intermedium

a research project by Susanne van Els (2017-18) and Peter Missotten (2018-)
in collaboration with the European Opera Academy -

Peter Missotten participates in the EOLAB (a collaboration between the music academies of Maastricht, Vilnius and Porto.
In Vilnius jan. 2020, he gave a lecture on 'Opera, an art in between'...

In collaboration with the partners from Maastricht, Vilnius and Porto, he wrote an extensive online manual on 'Innovative approaches to opera making' 2021. (2021)

Two contemporary opera's have been staged at the end of 2018-19 during the EOLAB conference in Maastricht:
* 'Dineh Bahane’ (Creation of the Navajo World)' composed by Willie Arets;
* 'Cidade sen Luz' composed by Iago Hermo
Both compositions try to stretch the intermediate qualities of an opera, by using contemporary digital techniques, both in the performance as in the staging.
Première Maastricht June 2019

Opera Design

As an opera director and stage designer for contemporary opera's, Peter Missotten specialises in the use of virtualising technologies on stage..

He staged the world premieres of 'Kepler' by Philip Glass (Linz09) and 'Montezuma Fallender Adler ' by Bernhard Lang (Nationaltheater Mannheim).
For 'Der Golem' by Bernhard Lang which he staged for Nationaltheater Mannheim, he created the videolibretto.